Help using the PEI Planning Decisions Viewer

This viewer is used to find and display permit applications in Prince Edward Island.  All appealable planning applications and decisions can be searched.
Select one or more ways to define your search, then press the 'Search' button.
Address or Street - Enter a civic number, street name or part of a street name.  Or you can choose a street name from the list to the right.
Checking the box to 'Include Archived' will include archived records in the results.  Records are archived two weeks after the appeal date has passed.
Click on a 'Map It' link to see a map showing the permit application.  If there isn't a 'Map It' button then that's because the Parcel Number is missing or invalid.
The planning applications and decisions are displayed in a table as follows:
Map It Clicking this will launch a map showing where the application is.
Community The community in which the application was made
Application Type One of five types of application
Nature of Decision The status of the application
PID Parcel number of the property relating to the permit
Civic Number Civic Address number of the property
Street Civic Address street of the property
Decision Date The date a decision was made (dd/mm/yyyy)
Last Appeal Date See the links below to find out the Last Appeal Date
File Number The number of the application
Details Extra information (if any)
Proposed Number of Lots The number of lots proposed in this application (if applicable)
Approved Number of Lots The number of lots approved in this permit (if applicable)
Approving Authority The authority that is handling the application.
Date Posted The date the application was publicly posted (dd/mm/yyyy)